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Old 11-24-2014, 04:12 AM
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Default Al Novak Mount Restored

Al Novak, "Chicago," mount; butchered and fixed: the mount for the my 6" f/4 Newtonian has been completely butchered by someone (name withheld) that he 1) painted the main gears and other parts of the drive system, 2) mounted the worm on a steel flange welded to the pier causing the two gears to regularly separate when the mount is moved or telescope repositioned, 3) the bolt and nut that holds together the polar axis housing to the pier connect was either glued or welded so the polar axis cannot be positioned for the observer's latitude and 4) the original Mathis clutch pressure ring was replaced with Rube Goldberg bolts and springs.

This mount was completely disassembled, cleaned and repaired, then the pier bolt and nut was removed and replaced after pier has been turned around to allow enough room for a worm gear mounting plate to be attached to the polar axis housing. This will prevent the two gears from separating and will operate as it was originally designed by Thomas Mathis. The gears will be lapped using machinist lapping compound to assure smooth and precision tracking.

Without the machine shops, available to me for so many years, it took a little longer to rework this great Al Novak GEM but it was done. Of course, I had to remove some rust and pings in the shafts, but all came apart okay.

The Mathis 8.4" drive diagram and my new setup drawing for the Al Novak mount. Since we have a limited number of junk yards around here eBay had some nice cut aluminum plates so two was ordered and arrived in a few days. Some zinc oxide compound was sprayed on to stop rust.

There was a little more run-out on the drive gear, more than I like do the insert for the hub was shimmed for a near perfect meshing of the worm gears.

Except for some cleanup and touchup. Painted with hammered black. lithium grease in some spots to be wiped out soon. It runs as smooth as a baby's behind, no paint on the mail gear now and all is well.

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well done, thanks for sharing with us!
VERY interesting read here:
Cheers and clear skies,
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