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Default A home-made DIY 2.2m square dome -full details

Hi guys!

I thought I'd pass on this link to a blog I am constructing. I intend to detail and illustrate all the steps involved in the construction of a 2.2m square dome observatory from its conception to it's complete outfitting. I am an amateur astronomer and most of the stuff I used in the making of the dome, apart from the actual construction materials was from recycled stuff and bits and pieces I managed to scrounge. A lot of the outfitting electronics and gadgetry came from cheap Asian sources and the circuitry and software was again partly home grown or borrowed from other sources.

Time, patience and a generous helping of youtube videos and forums like this one are a must if one gets stuck but thankfully one will always find the answers if one digs deep enough.

Anyways ..here it is for any of you who want to browse..The blog should grow steadily as I add more and more information and pics and of course anyone interested is welcome to drop me a line. There is a lot of ground to cover and so it might take me a while to finish uploading it all ..but after all...hey ...it took me a year and a half to finish!

Welcome to The Raven and the Owl Observatory ... a home-made little portal to the stars...smile.gif


Dark skies

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