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Old 01-27-2015, 01:37 PM
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Default 2004 bl 86

Got a decent glimpse of the (edit) asteroid (end edit) 2004 BL86 tonight! it took me a bit to find it, but without sky safari I would have never figured it out! totally loving this program (or app) on my ipad mini and skyfi module. the fact that I can flip everything in the app so that it looks like it does in the EP was crucial. it didn't look much different than a faint star. once I figure out which one it was it was cool to see it ever so slowly moving across the field of view! Now I just need to find a nice adjustable stool for when I need to look at something for extended periods of time.
Orion XT10G 10" dob, Vixen NLV 2.5mm, orion stratus 3.5mm 5mm, orion expanse 15mm 6mm, orion deepview 28mm,ES 8.8mm, ES 20mm 100degree, Orion 9x50 correct image right angle sighting scope with LED reticule. Sky safari 4 pro with Skyfi and iPad mini.

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