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Old 09-28-2017, 09:55 PM
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Default Knock, knock......

Knocks, opens door to the forum with some trepidation and sticks head in...........

OK, silliness aside........I first looked through a friend's scope about 40 years ago and was hooked but things kept getting in the way and it was only about 6 years ago that I took the plunge, the result is a C9.25, EQ-6 mount, ST80, QHY-5, etc., etc., most being sourced s/hand either locally or from o/seas. I've had some great nights viewing but unfortunately real life keeps those night to a minimum but I remain optimistic.

What brought me here is the purchase of a s/hand GSTAR EX and a reference to the GSTAR group here. After trying to call a couple of times, I've emailed MAS to see if the appropriate cables are available.....now waiting to see if they reply.

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