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Default Lesson learnt

Playing around in the obs a last week or so and thought I'd have a look at M4 and try a shot of it through the VMC260L using the Moravian camera. Slew went just fine and just before it stopped - it dropped!! the camera I mean . I have got those foam pads with the small holes in it ( about 25mm size) on the floor and as luck would have it I reckon the corner of the camera found the bloody hole!!

Very carefully remounted the camera, plugged all back in and it made a sad clicking sound. I was so angry I could not speak as you can imagine.

Anyway off to me old mate Steve at Astroshop to fix which he did - great after-sales service Steve - and a damn good testament to the product too.

Needless to say there is an array of straps and other security devices now in production at the Price household.
A lesson well and truly relearnt - until next time I guess
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